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Since its inception in 2001, the Company has been benefited from favorable macroeconomic environment. Its operations achieved stable and sustainable development which contributed a steady growth of its overall results. With the support from its shareholders and effort of all employees, the Company continuously raised its management level and expanded its corporate scale, demonstrating its stronger capacity. Over the years, the Company was operating in a highly competitive business environment. It is necessary for the Company to seek a more ideal direction of development and consistently strengthen its competitiveness to explore broader room for development. 

The Company has formulated a long-term development plan to shift its business focus to commercial factoring, and will focus on commercial factoring in the future. In view of the recent business environment and the financial status of the Group, the Directors are committed to seeking business opportunities in the financial industry and diversifying the existing business areas of the Group. The Company will closely cooperate with market demand, look for suitable investment opportunities, and open up new sources of profit.

In addition, with the full support from Jiangsu Yue Da Group, its controlling shareholder, the Company will continue to further enhance its comprehensive competitiveness by leveraging on its abundant network resources, and bring better returns to the investors.