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Yue Da International Holdings Limited (formerly known as Yue Da Mining Holdings Limited) was incorporated in the Cayman Islands in June 2001 and was successfully listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange on November 29 of that year. The stock code is 00629, becoming Jiangsu’s The first listed company to issue red chips in Hong Kong is a successful example of capital operation. In November 2007, the Company officially changed its name to Yue Da Mining Holdings Limited. In December 2018, the Company was officially renamed Yue Da International Holdings Limited through a resolution of the board of directors and the general meeting of shareholders.

With the changes in the macroeconomic situation, Yue Da International has launched the business of providing factoring services, accounts receivable management and collection and factoring consulting services from the second half of 2017. 

In accordance with the positioning requirements of the group, in the future, the Company will serve as a platform for the group's investment and financing operations in the international market, actively responding to the "Belt and Road" initiative, actively introducing international strategic investors, promoting its own business development towards internationalization, and proactively adapting to the integration of the global economy To develop a financial technology company, the Company will build a strategic layout of “one core and two wings”, that is, with commercial factoring as its core business, and financial technology services and international business as its two wings. Among them, commercial factoring focuses on breaking through the Communications Factoring business, establish brand and comparative advantages in market segments.

Under the leadership of the parent company, the Company will maintain a stable development level, continue to improve innovation capabilities, and contribute to the development of the group and the service of the real economy.