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Tong Ling Guan Hua Mining Company Limited is a 70%-owned subsidiary of the Group. The company is located at Tianmen Town, Tong Ling County of Anhui Province and principally engaged in the mining, processing, sale and integrated utilization of sruface gold mines.  

The company was awarded honors such as “Outstanding Award in Provincial Construction Project of the EleventhFive-Year Plan for Gold Industry”, “Provincial Advanced Gold Mining Group”, “Top Ten Gold Enterprises in Anhui”, “Demonstration Centre of Heap Leaching Gold Production Technology in Low-grading Gold Mines”, “Top Ten Industrial Enterprises in Tong Ling County”, “Demonstration Centre of Concentration Technology in Low-grading Gold Mines”, “2011-2013 Top Taxpayer in Tong Ling County ”.

In the firsthalf of 2014, the company completed the upgrade of the technology of the processing system. ROM ore crushing process was added to the heap leaching process and gold was produced by heap leaching process after concentration, which increased the efficiency of gold selecting process. Meanwhile, approximately 3million tons or more of by-products including furnace solvent and building stones can be produced annually, which can solve the issue of wastes discharge and maximize the utilization rate of resources at the same time. 

Currently, by adhering to its corporate objective of “building a mine, protecting the environment, boosting the economy, maintaining harmony, taking responsibilities”, the company is striving to develop and innovate while creating harmony and green mines.